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other things I love:

(in random order...except maybe #1)


  1. Ice cream– all kinds. Though I’ll eat it all, my least favorite contains peanuts and my most favorite is Milwaukee’s frozen custard (specifically Oscar’s and a more recent introduction to Georgie Porgie’s). I really need a good frozen custard shop here.
  2. Traveling– I’m always up for a new adventure. I’ve lived in 3 different states (Michigan, North Carolina and Wisconsin) and have loved exploring the local and tourist favorites.
  3. The beach and the mountains– Though stark opposites, I love both relaxing in the sun listening to rolling waves and hiking strenuous trails to majestic vistas.
  4. Hot chocolate– doesn’t have to be fancy. The Swiss Miss powdered kind is good, but it has to be made with milk instead of water.
  5. Columbia arctic fleece– I freeze for the 6 months of Michigan winters. But these help me survive. They are warm, cozy, super soft, and lightweight.
  6. The band NEEDTOBREATHE– I’ve been a fan for over 10 years and always try to go see them in concert when they’re local.

"It was such a relief after the chaos of delivery and adjusting to new babies in our home to have outfits already ready for us at Erin’s studio!! Her dresses were all beautiful and the newborn outfits just adorable."

- Michelle S.

Collage of white studio setups and prop organization

The Studio

I have created a very warm and inviting studio for you in my Ada home. Every soft wrap, cozy blanket, adorable outfit, beautiful bonnet and classic prop was carefully hand-selected while maintaining my pure, natural and timeless style. I go above and beyond to ensure that all my clients, big and small, are comfortable in my space. There is a cozy seating area for parents to relax during your session and wooden toys for children who may need a few extra minutes to warm up.

Press play to see a quick video tour of my studio...

Video title page showing white french doors leading to my
baby boy wearing white romper laying naturally on white fabric
baby girl wearing a white dress with a white smash cake
youngn boy wearing white button down shirt laying on stomach on white fur


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