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If you’ve recently discovered you’re pregnant with twins- DOUBLE CONGRATULATIONS! You’re about to experience twice the joy and snuggles that comes with new babies. Once the surprise starts to pass and your initial reaction about needing two of everything settles in, you may eventually find yourself thinking about their newborn photography session. That’s where I come in!

I’ve had quite the twin baby boom recently…and shockingly they’ve all been boy-girl twins. After doing many twin photo sessions in the Grand Rapids community, I thought I’d share some observations and posing options if you’re planning for a newborn twin photography session.

Newborn boy girl twins sleeping with arms around each other wearing sleepy caps and holding felted hearts

Patience, Patience, Patience

Anyone who has observed my newborn sessions comments on the amount of patience it takes to be a newborn photographer. When you double the babies, you double the patience. It will likely take twice as long to get the babies wrapped, settled and sleeping. Often once you get one baby perfectly posed, the other flails out of position. So it just takes extra patience (and extra hands) for twin newborn photography.

Newborn boy girl twins sleeping on a white bean bag holding mom's hands

Flexibility – Creative, not physical

Along the same lines of patience, you’ll need to have greater flexibility. You can go into a twin newborn photography session with perfect posing plans, but as with any session, the posing ultimately relies on the babies’ moods. Even with just one baby, if they’re fighting a pose or aren’t comfortable, I move on. With two babies, there’s greater chance that at least one baby won’t naturally settle into the pose. This is where flexibility and more natural posing can be helpful.

Newborn boy girl twins swaddled sleeping together in a white crate

Bring on the snuggles

So far all of the newborn twins I’ve had in my studio LOVE to be snuggled together. If they’re already sleeping, they’ll often just settle right into each other. So if all else fails, just let them naturally mold into however they’re most comfortable. It will be adorable regardless of how “technical” the pose is.

Let’s start planning!

I’d love to talk about your upcoming Grand Rapids newborn twin photography session. I have lots of other tips that I provide in my Newborn Prep Guide to booked client families that encourage a stress-free session. Send me a message to get the conversation started-

And now, enjoy some gorgeous newborn twins and their families…

Newborn Twin Photography poses with parents family
Newborn Twin Photography poses with siblings
Newborn Twin Photography poses

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