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Newborn girl wearing white romper laying on her back on white flokati

Those first few weeks with a new baby are a mix of heart-bursting sleepy snuggles and bleary-eyed exhaustion. You’ve been told the sleep deprivation is worth it. You can’t go back in time to relive those special days, but we can create beautiful images that capture all the features you love about your newborn.

At your newborn photography session, we’ll work together to select poses, props and accessories that will make your baby the centerpiece of albums, wall canvases and prints.

Though we can do sessions with babies at any age, it’s best to do posed newborn sessions within the first 14 days when baby is still extra sleepy and squishy. Most pregnant moms contact me mid-pregnancy to secure their due date on my calendar. Then we’ll coordinate a specific date when baby arrives. If your baby is already older than 14 days, don’t fret! We can still get a gorgeous full gallery using natural posing and cozy wrapping.

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backlit white image of toddler girl kissing her twin siblings on the head
Closeup of Newborn baby girl sleeping on white fur wearing a white bow
birdseye view of newborn baby girl sleeping on white beanbag with legs crossed and hands behind head
Closeup of newborn girl snuggled on twin brothers chest in a white flokati
newborn baby boy sleeping in a bucket prop with head on hands holding a knit bear in a white studio
newborn baby girl staring up at camera with puckered lips on a white flokati fur
backlit image of toddler girl kissing the top of the head of newborn baby sister
newborn baby boy sleeping with head on hands in a bucket prop
Mom wearing white dress holding boy girl twin newborns near a backlit white curtain
toddler sister with eyes closed holding sleeping baby brother on white fur
newborn baby girl staring up at camera while laying on a white beanbag
dad holding smiling newborn baby daughter in front of sheer white curtain
big brother kissing the forehead of smiling newborn baby sister on a white beanbag in front of a white curtain
Backlit image of parents holding newborn baby girl while touching foreheads
mom holding smiling newborn daughter face to face in front of white curtain
newborn baby girl smiling while sleeping swaddled on a white pillow
Siblings sitting on a white bed looking down at their newborn baby brother
Newborn baby girl snuggled in fluffy white fur while wrapped in a white fabric
Mom holding sleeping newborn baby girl while wrapped in sheer white fabric in front of a white curtain
Family of 4 with a toddler boy and newborn baby girl standing together in front of a sheer white curtain
newborn baby girl smiling while sleeping on a white flokati fur
backlit full body profile of baby girl wrapped in white fabric
Backlit image of toddler big brother staring down at sleeping newborn brother
Backlit image of family of 4 with toddler girl smiling down at newborn baby girl on white beanbag
Boy Girl twin newborns wrapped together on a white flokati fur
Backlit image of big sister playing with newborn baby sister smiling up at her
Backlit image of dad holding newborn baby girl nose to nose
Newborn baby boy wrapped in a white swaddle sitting in a white bucket holding a knit bear prop
siblings holding newborn baby sister sitting on a bed in a white studio
newborn baby girl yawning while holding a knit bear

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Family of 5 during newborn photo session promo video
newborn baby boy smiling while sleeping in a bucket prop
newborn baby girl sleeping while swaddled on a white beanbag


A $200 Session Fee reserves your spot on my calendar. It covers the time, talent, expertise, studio props, etc included in the preparation and duration of your session.

Digital image collections start at $350. Professional prints and photo products are available separately.

Contact me to request a Welcome Guide that includes pricing and product details.

Session Details

If you're someone who wants ALL the details up front, read this blog post:

baby boy wearing white romper laying naturally on white fabric
baby girl wearing a white dress with a white smash cake
youngn boy wearing white button down shirt laying on stomach on white fur


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