Roselle Park

Family of four holding hands walking down grass path in Roselle Park

If you’re looking for tall grasses and wide open fields, Roselle Park is where it’s at. This nature preserve is quickly becoming one of my favorite locations for outdoor photos. There are so many little pockets within the park to get cozy with your family. Plus, there are endless trails and a small climbing playground for your kids to burn energy. It’s stunning in the spring as new growth fills the park with color. And it’s brilliant in the fall as the setting sun casts a warm glow over the bronze grasses.

Here are some photos taken at Roselle Park:

Mom holding and smiling at toddler son while he rests his head on her shoulder looking at camera
Family of four sitting on a blanket in a tall grass field at sunset
young girl looking up at the camera in a tall grass field
Family of 4 huddled together in a tall grass field
4 young brothers sitting in a wagon in a tall grass field
blonde preschool boy standing next to wooden fence at golden hour
3 young brothers running towards camera while mom, dad and brother stand in the background of a tall grass field
blonde baby boy with head on mom's shoulder in field at sunset

Roselle Park
Location: 1010 Grand River Dr NE, Ada, MI 49301

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